Adam Peter Louis McMillan

Oxford, UK
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I find poetry an easy form of catharsis, helping to channel my overspilling thoughts through this creative medium. But I don't find myself writing as frequently as I used to (one a day was the norm!)

I have many times said that I will write a novel, but the sad truth remains that I haven't the time or patience to work on such a project.

If I were to write a novel, I'd want to completely lose myself in it, put everything else in life on hold; in fact, I actually believe this would be necessary, were I ever to complete it.

But with poetry, I can dip in and out, tweaking here n there. I can see the beginning, the middle, the end...

Here's how I see it: A novelist is to an architect as a poet is to a sculptor.
I'd rather take a hunk outta my imagination, and craft it into something worthy of the page.
To create it from the bottom up, as it were, is a whole different ball game. And had I the stamina, I'd happily take to the field.

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