À propos de l'auteur

Charline Lancel
Blurbeur depuis mars 2011
Nom Charline Lancel
Mon site Internet www.charlinelancel.com
Lieu Brussels, Belgium
Sexe Féminin
Ma profession Visual artist
Ma bio Visual Artist, born in 1976 in Namur, Charline Lancel lives and works in Brussels. Ever since she was a child, she showed an eye for beauty of colors and the harmony of shapes. Her photographic work consists of photo-manipulation, called digital Op Art. Minimalist in expression, It is characterized by harmonious compositions of abstract, geometric (linear or spheric) lines and motifs. Her universe is at once futuristic and a throwback to the aesthetics of the seventies. Since 2007, Charline has been creating a series of Abstract Compositions, filled with light and colors and printed on ChromaLuxe by JJ Micheli.