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On Robert CHOURAQUI work

Robert Chouraqui is a french self-made photographer who came to photography in the mid-70s in the psychedelic period by being involved in a leading Light-show group in Europe (ANDROIDE LIGHTSHOW), and from that universe he derived his taste for strange atmospheres and his mastering of light and became the photographer of the strange fashion.
None of his vamps photos leaves us indifferent. His MANGA PINUPS models seems to come out from a Comics and he captures them in pictures which go in magazines all around the world. His Nude-portraits style concentrates on the intimacy of the face rather than the anonymous body. These dressed-nudes affiliate him more to the fashion photographers than the nudes ones.
Robert Chouraqui's work has been published in many a magazine and edited in ten art books now collectors items
He portrayed famous actresses such as Beatrice DALLE or Jessica-Jane CLEMENT and teaches in many workshops as a master of light and shadow

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