Michael K. Dakota

Akron, Ohio
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Michael K. Dakota, a seasoned photographer with over three decades of experience, embarked on his photographic journey after earning a degree in photo-illustration from Kent State University. Beginning his career as a photojournalist in Louisiana, Dakota's lens captured the diverse landscapes and stories of communities across Kansas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

His talents extended beyond print journalism, leading him into the realm of television, where he earned three Emmy nominations for his outstanding work. However, it is Dakota's passion for nature photography that has truly set him apart. As an award-winning nature photographer, he has dedicated his lens to the breathtaking beauty of lighthouses, capturing the essence of 235 of these iconic structures to date.

Dakota finds inspiration in the harmonious interplay between nature's untamed horizons and the timeless elegance of historical lighthouses rising majestically from the water's edge. His work reflects a deep ap

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