Julie Millen

Northern Michigan
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I have been watching my kids' sports and activities thru the lens of a camera for the last 10 years. Creating digital scrapbooks became a hobby, & now creating memories for myself & others has become my passion and a part-time job.

The difference between my first creations, where I used Print Shop software, a Mavica camera (pictures were saved onto floppy disk!) & plastic binders.. to now, where I use a Canon EOS Rebel, Photoshop CS3 & professionally printed books, is remarkable! I remember thinking how 'state of the art' I was with my Mavica! The scary thing is, I actually was.

I am not a professional photographer, my camera & lenses make it easy. My passion is in Photoshop, manipulating the pictures into something unique & special.

I discovered Blurb in early 2008 and used it to publish my very first book. I use all of my own photos and design the pages in Photoshop, so each book will have a unique look.

If you would like me to make a special one for you, just ask!

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