Angélique Boudet

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Angélique Boudet observes the beauty of the world and restores it in all her work : the interaction between images and text playing a very important role. This results in a fine balance, revealing a source of emotion. The author lives and works in Paris, Marseille and the rest of the world. She has discovered the practice of Ashtanga Yoga in 2000 and never stopped practicing and exloring it. Numerous exhibitions and photographs taken in
India, Finland, Australia, Marocco, Brasil, Quebec, Africa, Italia, Mexico,.. In 2013, she was invited by Marseille European Capital of Culture, in 2014 by Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, in Brasil and in 2018, by the Abbey St Victor in Marseille.
She is a winner of Gangart Awards (Prizes for Intercultural Arts on the Net) for the entirety of her work and her web site.

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