Hilltop Lakes, Texas 77871
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Hey, I'm Zack. Some know my name from a TV show. My clients know me for my goofy personality and ability to relate with them on a personal level. I have been doing photography over ten years now, starting small, using my parents camera, but I have steadily grown over the years. I've photographed all over the world, working clients on projects ranging from small weddings to fashion promotional shoots for apparel brands. What I pride myself on is making photo shoots a fun, enjoyable experience for my clients, models, as well as myself. I do this so it becomes a fun memorable experience, instead of a job.

Domaines de compétence

The area that I would say is my best is Travel/Street Photography. Capturing the world around me has definitely been an area of strength for me. As time has gone on, I have grown into more subject-based photography, meaning model shoots, weddings, seniors, etc. I believe this is an area that I have gotten better at, but can still get better. That's how I try to see my life, that I will always have areas in my life that I can improve on.

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