Paul Domenick

Pompano Beach, FL
À propos

I am a street, candid, and highly creative object photographer who does not use AI in any of my photos.
I've been doing photography for 10 years now, and I've learned a lot over the years. Two of the things that have helped me are joining a Flickr weekly activity group, which has a unique challenge every week; after the week is over, we vote on our favorite; it has forced me to become a better photographer, and I've won many times. The other thing I do is go on a regular basis to Flickr.com to go to its groups, as well as open my favorite photos in my galleries and then go back to studying them to see if I might achieve what they did without using AI; however, I still have my own style, which other members can see.
My favorite types of photos to make are composites or double/triple exposures, which add more dynamism to a photo, and I have a keen intuition on which photos to use for this purpose.
Thank you for reading and happy photographing!

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