Michael Merlino

San Jose, California
À propos

Since childhood, Michael has had a fascination with all things beautiful, majestic and resplendent. In addition to building a shrine room, he pursues many other interests in the visual, graphic and performing arts. He lives in an ethnically and culturally diverse region of California, which has enhanced his primary interests in Asian, Buddhist and Native cultural arts.

He has found a passion for capturing magical scenes with photography and creating spiritual art. He previously had a two-decade long career as a professional drafter and has made use of that experience to create his artistic works. Many of his pieces contain subject matter or are of a style never attempted before by others.

He loves his art! Many of his own works hang in his home, and he wears it too. He hopes his artwork and photography inspires others to follow their dreams, turn their lives into a meaningful existence and create in beauty!

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