Rafael G. Quiñones

Puerto Rico, Aguas Buenas
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Hello, my name is Rafael G. Quiñones, I am an artist and a photographer. From a very young age I loved art, it was a way to disconnect from the world and also express myself. Today I graduated from the School of Practical Arts and Design, in which I completed my Bachelor of Image and Movement. I want to share the stories that I find when I make my trips with the camera. Normally it would be what can I create with my photos, but in my last photography project, what does the photo want to tell me or tell me? What story does it have to tell, whether it's the subject I'm portraying or the landscape, or the wild animal. All these protagonists are part of some event and it is my job to portray it and create a visual narrative through a series of photographs. This is Candid Photography or Street Photography. I am not limited to this, there is a sea of ​​styles and techniques that I want to try with the camera and I want to be able to show to the public

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