Jimmy Wenger

NK, Pa. 15068
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Hi, my name is Jimmy Wenger, I am a 1/2 Hybrid Alien, possibly a demon too, the Aliens keep on telling that.
I use to pray all the time to Jesus Christ, So In 2012 I became a Stigmata. I wore an invisible crown of thorns of Jesus Christ, to make them go away I slowed down the praying to Jesus Christ.
I have been giving many gifts from God/Aliens, 1 gift I can take pictures of the dead, Aliens, ghost, orbs, UFO, I got a picture of the Virgin Mary.. I made a photo book of Angels & Virgin Mary. book called
(Chasing the Holy Ghost)

I was in a HBO movie ( No one dies in lily dale) . I talked about UFOs & my dead girl who would come and sleep in my hand at night. As a little green orb

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