Kate Kelton

California, USA
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Kate Kelton was born in the south of Germany, after her parents escaped Czechoslovakia. Her early years were spent in a VW bus traveling Europe. When painting, headdresses and crowns deify Kate Kelton’s subjects. She uplifts the unsung sheroes & heroes, patriarchy smashers, warrior survivors, silence breakers, philosophers, truth-tellers, whistle blowers and thought giants. She paints portraits cloaked in the garb of statues Ladislav Šaloun sculpted onto the train station that her great-grandfather, Josef Fanta, designed for Prague in 1901 - 1909. Apotheosis through a reclaimed, reapplied Art Nouveau. The work presents a tactility against the digitized space. Here, the mantle of the artist is above brand influencer, above internet commentator, above mere marketability. In their gaze is a warning, “Art is immortal. Come for me, why don’t you?”

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