Enrico Cortesano

Hollywood, Florida, USA
À propos

I was born in Italy. I became interested in Photography in the 70s, influenced by Helmut Newton, Oliviero Toscani, and also the images of Alinari.Later I became interested in the research of new techniques, in particular the application of photographic images onto paper, fabric and other materials with the technique of silk screen (serigrafia). In this, my influence was Andy Warhol. I have always loved working in the black room. For many years, like my fellow photographers, I spent many nights searching for new effects and better quality for my images. Now, thanks to new programs like photoshop it is magnificent to be able to elaborate, transform, and print quickly. The truth is though, I do miss the smell of the dark room.In these last few years, I have turned to digital photography as I continue to look for the moments, the details and the expressions that inspire my soul.

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