Steve Simons

Somerset, UK
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I started story telling when I was a child, it was nothing to see me with a large group of kids around me enjoying my tales.

I started writing, in the form of sketches for Children's Internet Radio show, then serialised stories for same. First book I wrote I actually prioduced as an Audio Book, this became a trilogy "The Sphere of...." (TSOT). I wrote Science fiction books and short stories, then got into poetry.

During this phase I stumbled across the the rather unique technique of writing STOEMS( R) Stories in Poem format. This is a very challenging format, as often the need to rhyme stands in the way of the story, but I seem to have the knack of this artform, my regulars love it and plead with me not to stop. It's a bit like Marmite, you either love or hate it.

Gradually I hope to publish in printed book form, my best offerings. You never know you might find something that suits your taste.

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