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Blurbeur depuis juin 2009
Nom de l’entreprise davidmagould.com
Site Internet professionnel www.davidmagould.com
Lieu London
Numéro de tél. professionnel 07725 063271
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I am a freelance photographer based in London. My passion for photography began with travelling, a four month journey to India when I borrowed my dads Zenith camera. In the following years I spent time working as a volunteer in South America, India and Australia, where I made photo stories and short films. Since 2011 I have since been covering news, current affairs, events and arts in sunny London.

For information about my photography please visit www.davidmagould.com or email davidmagould@gmail.com Please visit my facebook photography page, this is full of updates and communications www.facebook.com/davidmagouldphotography All photobook information is also here www.davidmagould.wordpress.com
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