Elizabeth Mahar

Souris, PEI
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I was a child bride and always wondered where I would be today if I had made other maybe better choices. I look at my children and I am so proud of them all.I spent many years feeling unworthy and I am hoping this read will show others there is no need to feel that way.

I am originally from St. George ,Ontario we had a mixed family my grandmother and great uncle lived with us . I am grateful for the chance to live in this 3 generation family unit to experience what they went through . Family means the world to me I believe all families should unite for holidays and events.
Since moving to Prince Edward Island thirty years ago I see a different family unit ,one that is not as close ,one I wish was that close
.I am hoping the adventures of Anne ,Lucy and Margaret will give young girls the confidence to speak up and communicate do not be afraid.

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