Ninna Gay

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Ninna Gay is a photographer who has exhibited her work since 1996 in Ireland, Northern Ireland and France. She has also been on a constant spiritual quest for two decades. She initially trained in social psychology and later became an energy medicine practitioner in different shamanic traditions (Celtic, Amerindian and contemporary). From 1998, her spiritual work has blended with her photography as can be seen in her captured manifestations of the unseen world of subtle energies, spiritual helpers and spirits.
In 2010, Ninna published the 2nd edition of SHIFTS: Beyond the Visible which is the combination of her investigations as a photographer, an energy medicine practitioner and author. She also published three photography books: Beyond the Visible I (color photographs, landscape views) Beyond the Visible II (color and black and white photographs, portrait views) and Beyond the Visible III (smaller black and white book).

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