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Martiq. Born in 1972 in Poland. At 24 years he graduates at the National Cinematography School of Lódź and is invited by the Cinematography museum to exhibit his photography. By 1996 a book of his work entitled "Lil'Bros," was published in Germany. Martiq continued to exhibit his work in Warsaw, London, and Paris, worked as a fashion photographer and collaborated with music industry. With the distinct understanding that his native country and people were “not ready for me and my photography,” Martiq set his sights on Paris in 2002. As a farewell gesture to Poland, he created an exhibit entitled “Ten Years of Thraldom.” Currently working in portraiture, his playful eye crafts light, frames material, and captures bodies in a manner that illustrates an amazing level of maturity in his style. His signature is distinctive and cannot be missed. Each portrait tells a story, unveiling a mystery, beckoning us to enter new worlds; at once intense and beautiful.

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