Judith van Praag

Seattle, WA USA
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Decades ago friends in Los Angeles called me the DutchessAbroad. As an artist and designer I've created stage sets, props & costumes, studio art and cook book illustrations. I'm a bilingual Arts-dependent writer, inspired and sustained by the Arts; author of Creative Acts of Healing. I'm a cultural tour guide, and former architectural docent at the Seattle Central Public Library, and love to share favorite haunts. Not just picky, I'm a food intolerant gourmet with special interest in food sensitivity issues and healthful meals. Fighting the loneliness of the writers' life, I organize Meetups for women writers in Seattle. I'm a critic and fun(ny) yet incorrigible editor. When blue I go green, for some compulsive weed pulling in my pesticide free garden. Hostess with the mostest, I'm inspired by Airbnb guests, ladybugs, humming birds and non-sequitors.