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G. Elizabeth LeBlanc
Blurbeur depuis mars 2012
Nom G. Elizabeth LeBlanc
Lieu Sarasota, Florida, USA
Sexe Féminin
Ma profession writer/author

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Dévoilement de l’intrigue : Le sujet de mon prochain livre sera...
reality ... a biography. About the life of a woman who discovers that she was a "black market" baby. She was illegally adopted. It deals with her feelings, her rebellion and some of the choices she's made and abuses she's experienced. She has turned her life around. She is now looking for her biological mother and siblings.
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I've written for years but in the last couple of years decided to share my experiences and to have my writing published. I am excited about putting my thoughts and my heart out there for every one to see. I don't write deep, complicated stories. I write stories that will make you smile; as well as thought provoking stories. My stories are romantic at times because I believe that we all need to have passion and love in our life. It's sharing with you and letting you enjoy my work.
Ce livre vous accrochera. Lisez-le. À vos risques et périls...
It's short stories. You can read them one at a time when you have the time, but am hoping that they will be the kind of stories that want to make you read the next story and then the next... Read it ... enjoy it .... laugh and cry. I hope that they trigger memories for you and you can smile and say, "I know what she means." Life is tough sometimes but there's love and romance and joy out there as well. Enjoy!