David Teplica

Chicago, IL 60613
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David Teplica is a photographer and plastic surgeon who lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. He maintains two professional careers that commingle.

Teplica serves on the faculty at the University of Chicago, but maintains a busy private practice with patients from around the globe. He exhibits his creative work across the Americas and Europe and lectures widely.

Teplica's second monograph "Gemelli: Arte e Scienza" was released in conjunction with a 25-year retrospective museum tour of twin photographs, which launched from the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence, Italy in April of 2012.

Also available is Teplica's earlier book "Intimate Decade", which presents images that explore all aspects of human contact, from birth to death, and from frivolous to the most intense of life's encounters. Created at Teplica’s personal art/medicine interface, these black and white images are approachable and human. This volume was the first devoted solely to his photographic work.

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