Lucien den Arend

Kangasniemi, Etela Savo, Finland
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Lucien den Arend was born in 1943 in the Dutch city of Dordrecht. He has lived in The Netherlands, the United States and is now living In Finland. He has been a sculptor since the sixties of the twentieth century and has realized numerous site specific sculptures and land art projects. His works can be found in Europe and the United States. As a curator he has created Drechtoevers International Sculpture Park (OPAM) in the Netherlands. In Mikkeli, Finland he is helping set up an international sculpture park in Mikkeli Puisto, Ympäristötaide ja Taide Ympäristössä..

In 1997 he started building websites for colleague artists and artists' organizations and began his extensive personal sculpture site, Next to his sulpture he started specializig in building websites and SEO. Examples of sites, which he has built, can be found on his website

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