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I am proud to present my favorite vegan recipes to date in this taste filled eBook! These are recipes that I have enjoyed and created over the years on my vegan journey encompassing a variety of vibrant good for you food!
This eBook includes over 60 recipes as well as 15 pages of health tips and encouragement on why and how to incorporate more plant based foods into your diet. These will help you thrive health wise, make a positive impact on the environment, and lessen animal cruelty one meal at a time.
Each recipe has been tried, refined, and truly enjoyed by my family and friends. It was so important to me that the recipes not only look beautiful, but taste amazing while providing nourishment and satisfaction bringing the joy back to your plate.

Domaines de compétence

- Cooking
- Plant Based Diet
- Nutrition
- Veganism
- Healthy Lifestyle
- Certified Pilates Instructor
- Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
- Group Cycling Instructor

Affiliations professionnelles

Plant Based Certificate Graduate from the
T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies via eCornell University

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