Joanna Moehr

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As a passionated photographer i trace the hidden beauty of nature and human beings. With my work I express what I see and feel doing so.

I love the primordial vigor of nature and archaic landscapes. The howling winds, the stormy waves and dark clouds are elements of my art. Encountering those moments of our spinning world, the essence of life, of my self, with the camera and with peaceful scenes of observation I try to capture and visualize the spectrum of light as pictures. To show the beauty of mother earth is the mission of my life.

Three series of photos give a feel of these emotions: color images of landscapes and of people in natural light, monochrome images of nature and long time exposures. Personally I can find myself especially in the series of monochrome long time exposures, because they reduce the exclusive, varicolored moments of perception to the true and everlasting – to light and shadow, space and form, sense and feeling.

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