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Miss ViVi Gold
Blurbeur depuis janvier 2011
Nom Miss ViVi Gold
Mon site Internet http://veryvivi.com
Lieu Las Vegas
Sexe Féminin
Ma profession Social Entrepreneuress
Ma bio Named for la joie de vivre, meaning the joy of life in French, Vivi is "vivilicious" -- full of joy for life. Her ability to make most anyone smile has earned her the nickname, Very Vivi. She currently lives in Las Vegas and has numerous friends all around the world.

She can be visited online at VeryVivi.com and she currently has in the making several exciting projects. She welcomes receiving fan mail and can be contacted via E-mail: Vivi {at} veryvivi.com.

"Very ViVi" is her second published book. Her first book, entitled "Maddy's First Childhood Year 2010-2011," was published in May 2011 as a birthday gift to one of her dear childhood friends.