Alvin John Breathwaite

Pahrump ,Nevada
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Alvin John Breathwaite AKA Caruhasa is a film maker, Film Journalist, and a artist who has produced and directed art shows and movies. And has interviewed countless stars and celebrities all over the world.He has worked for TV stations and many publications as a entertainment Journalist for 30 years and was a member of the Motion Picture Association in Hollywood for years. He is still doing reviews of movies & shows in Las Vegas for many outlets.He has been around the world to study art and film making. Caruhasa was born in San Diego California in August 1949,and uses the name Caruhasa in 1969 on the request of his guru Prabhupada founder of the Hare Krishna society. He was a monk for many years and went to India to study art. He was a Hippy in San Francisco before joining to follow his quest for self-realization. He was also a lead guitar player in San Francisco bands before as well. As a Krishna devotee he studied the ancient Vedas and wanted to do movies and art of the many stories

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