À propos de l'auteur

Vasile Mosanu
Blurbeur depuis juillet 2011
Nom Vasile Mosanu
Mon site Internet www.vasilemosanu.com
Lieu Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sexe Masculin
Ma profession Professional Artist, Stained Glass Artist
Ma bio Vasile Mosanu was born in Moldova, Eastern Europe. He graduated from College of Fine Arts, Chisinau, Moldova in 1975 and from Estonian Academy of Fine Arts, Tallinn, Estonia, in 1981. Since then he has had numerous exhibitions in his country and as far abroad as France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada and closer to home, Russia and Romania. His paintings have been acquired by Museum of Art in Chisinau, Moldova and by private collectors worldwide.

Although his favorite medium is oil on canvas, Vasile Mosanu has done book illustrations, icons and murals in several Orthodox Churches around Moldova, as well as traditional stained glass, painting on glass and restoration.

For several years, Vasile Mosanu has combined painting with teaching as a professor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau, Moldova.
Presently he is working at Northern Art Glass in Ottawa, Canada complementing his passion for art with stained glass.