Gregg Newton

À propos

Some 35 years behind a camera have provided me with some unparalleled vantage points and more than an adventure or three. Documentary, editorial and commercial work have afforded me opportunities to visit five continents and photograph more than 150 world leaders. Sideshows in between include living with Indians in the Amazon rain forest, performing aerobatics aboard vintage WWII planes, snapping a ‘selfie’ from atop the the Christ statue in Rio, having lunch with Fidel Castro in Spain, being court-side at the Olympics with the ‘Dream Team’ in Barcelona and traversing the planet aboard Air Force One with the President of the United States. In the midst of it all I found myself and developed a knack for documenting everyday life with a unique twist; of presenting the ordinary in a hitherto unforeseen way. I can think of precious few ‘professions’ which could present an individual with such a formidable array of ways to experience life. The journey… has indeed been the destination.