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Why Blurb? Why Blurb?

Why Blurb?

From industry-standard trade books to beautiful photo books and professional magazines, our free, flexible tools help you create, print, share, and sell your work. Access hundreds of customizable templates and choose from a range of trim sizes and premium papers. You can even sell your book through Amazon, on Ingram, and in the Blurb Bookstore.

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Trade Books

Balance print quality with page cost so you can get more of your work in the world.


Trade Book Sizes Trade Book Sizes

3 Sizes

Trade Books look and feel like other bookstore books with three common sizes.

  • 5×8 in. (13×20 cm)
  • 6×9 in. (15×23 cm)
  • 8×10 in. (20×25 cm)

Trade Book Papers Trade Book Papers

2 Printing Options

Trade Books can be printed in Black & White or Color with economy or standard print options.

  • Standard Color or Black & White shows rich blacks and deep colors, good for any type of image. (White uncoated 70# paper, 105 GSM)
  • Economy Color or Black and White is best for text, illustrations, or a low-fi look. (White or Cream 50# uncoated paper, 75 GSM)

Trade Book Covers Trade Book Covers

3 Cover Types

  • A Glossy Softcover for the lowest cost per copy
  • ImageWrap with a tactile, matte finish
  • Dust Jacket adds prestige with a glossy jacket over slate-gray linen

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