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As in all my work, I was looking for subject matter and qualities of light which when printed would encourage contemplation and ideally lead to numinous experience.
Although the subject in front of the camera was oil and water, these images not only evoke the sensibilities of celestial and biological landscapes, they provide insight into the part-whole relationships and processes that have absorbed classical and contemporary scientists, mathematicians, spiritualists and visionaries.
Their insights, combined with these images provide a lens to help us connect to the big picture and see beneath the surface of everyday living. Together, ideally, they contribute to our appreciation and thirst for meaning.


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David Smith
davidlsmith Cincinnati, OH (USA)

David L. Smith is Emeritus Professor of Communication and former director of the Television Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. His undergraduate degrees include Broadcasting (University of Cincinnati) and Professional Photography (Rochester Institute of Technology). His graduate degree in Communications Anthropology is from the University of Cincinnati. Before his tenure at Xavier University Mr. Smith was employed by Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY), K&S Films Incorporated, Taft Broadcasting Company (WKRC-TV), Scripps-Howard Broadcasting (WCPO-TV) and Kent State University where he was production manager for the local PBS station. His photographs have been exhibited and published in special interest magazines. His work was featured in the March, 2002 issue of Lenswork.

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JennMiller écrit

Of David Smith's vast and significant portfolio of work, the Spheres are amongst my favorites. This collection shows the artist's originality and ability to transport the viewer to another place - a place internal and personal versus external and distant. I so appreciate these photographs!

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