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In November 2008, I lost my grandmother! One month later I lost my job. My world was becoming chaotic. We are at war. The stock and housing markets crashed. Unemployment is at an all time high since the Great Depression. The list goes on. I began reflecting on the times with my grandmother. She left me a bit of money and I bought a new camera outfit. Over the months I began to reflect about life. Before you know it my heart and sole was filled with images of places that I saw and I knew my grandmother saw because she was with me. I decided to share our world with you so I put this nice little gem together filled with 120 pages of inspiration and sights.

To My Loving Grandmother

Ella Frances Wilkinson
b. February 11, 1920
d. November 23, 2008

grand·moth·er (ˈgran(d)-ˌmə-thər): Mother of one's father or mother! Any kindly, sweet old woman who will happily boost your self-esteem
and write you letters and love you. Tends to know lots of neat old songs and obscure, off-color jokes. Generally much cooler and less scary than one's actual mother. She tells great stories and embellishes a bit. Hosts Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday's. Buys your first bike. Does crossword puzzles, plays solitaire and reads the paper. Swears in five languages; even made up ones. Your hero and the one you will never forget.

Be nice to your grandmother- or you'll wind up in hell.


À propos de l'auteur

Peter Ansara

Pete Ansara has spent nearly 30 years off and on with the camera. From a 110 instamatic to medium format and now shooting with a Nikon D300 digital format he likes to shoot all genres. He learned, not at university, school or college, but from other people that took the time and patience to teach him. He started in the darkroom at King Salmon Air Force Station, Alaska while stationed in the United States Air Force at the age of 18 in 1977. He met an old timer who shot medium format and mixed lots of chemicals in the dark room. This is where his inquisitive mind grew. Shortly thereafter, he purchased his first “real” camera, a Canon AE-1 and became a madman behind the camera and in the darkroom and has never looked back. He has twenty-five years of active and reserve military service with the United States Air Force. He has served in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer in both the public and private sectors. He’s as Yankee as Paul Revere and a “die hahd” Boston Red Sox Fan!

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KayBee83 écrit

Brilliant! Every photo seems to come alive every time you turn the page. Like they're telling you a little story if you look and listen close enough. I can sense so much passion and love behind every photograph. I love taking pictures myself but have only done it through a little digital. Maybe one day, when I have the means, I will be able to show the world just as much awesomeness through my photos as you are showing in yours.

publié à 09:36 août 04 (UTC -8)


ctremeer écrit

I wasnt expecting that! Those photographs are awesome! I would love a) to see some of those sights and b) oh my goodness I would love to take photos like that! Claire

publié à 16:15 nov 17 (UTC -8)


missy480 écrit

I love the photos..

publié à 06:12 nov 13 (UTC -8)


elmowelch écrit

You have captured the beauty of your World through these photographs......they are absolutely breath-taking!! Bravo! You certainly know your photography techniques....Love to see more books.

publié à 05:11 nov 12 (UTC -8)


LaurieImages écrit

Gorgeous photos. Are many of them HDR? I'm just getting started taking my passion for photography to the next level...

publié à 20:48 nov 11 (UTC -8)

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