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Lori Andrews
tencent Calgary, Canada

Lori Andrews is an insanely happy interior decorator, artist, and photographer living in Calgary, Canada. She loves to document her world and instagram allows her to share all her favorite moments with friends , family and her wonderful new "instafriends".
Lori likes to hike to the top of mountains, she likes to ride her bicycle and she has a fondness for superheroes.
Poor business practices have earned her the title "The 10-Cent Designer."

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dlattimore écrit

fantastic idea and beautiful photos

publié à 17:37 août 11 (UTC -8)


tencent écrit

thank you!

publié à 03:02 août 06 (UTC -8)


McCheek écrit

lovely photos and well put together, i voted for you!

publié à 06:26 août 01 (UTC -8)


tencent écrit


publié à 12:37 juil 22 (UTC -8)


Toni écrit

Fantastic! I clicked on it and then realized it was your book!

publié à 09:47 juil 22 (UTC -8)


kopoda écrit


publié à 07:43 juil 19 (UTC -8)


darthfabry écrit

Nice book idea!

publié à 04:26 juil 19 (UTC -8)

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