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On Approach:

throttle back
mythic bird of vulnerability
tip toes
egg shells
adrift, hoping to bluff your way
skin and steel
at odds with the world down below
aloft by numbers

Milnorblurb staff

À propos de l'auteur

Milnor Body is in California, mind is in New Mexico

Daniel Milnor is currently “Photographer at Large” for Blurb, Inc. the world’s premiere print-on-demand publisher. He splits his time between the smog-choked arteries of Southern California and the spiritual landscape of New Mexico. His work has taken him from the rural corners of the United States to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. An early adopter of select technologies such as print-on-demand books and magazines, Milnor has created and published over one hundred unique titles, including the recently released “Manifesto Magazine,” which showcases the world’s best documentary photography. His work is in the collections of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The George Eastman House and The Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Date de publication  12 décembre 2008

Dimensions    26 pages   Impression noir et blanc (sur papier texturé crème)

Catégorie  Photographie artistique

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paintability écrit

Had to take a closer look as I wasn't able to at the seminar, which was fantastic by the way...the book is fabulous...I can see why it's part of the museum exhibit..

publié à 06:18 oct 26 (UTC -8)

Milnorblurb staff

Milnor écrit

This book has a life of its own. It just keeps showing up in places.....thanks for commenting.

publié à 09:58 mars 04 (UTC -8)


soxyfleming écrit

this is gorgeous, simple, wonderful. I love it.

publié à 02:20 mars 04 (UTC -8)

Milnorblurb staff

Milnor écrit

Thanks for saying that. This was my first 5x8, took about a half hour at the MOST. Since then, eight or ten more in this format, with another ready for publish.

publié à 13:29 juil 15 (UTC -8)


lmpinto écrit

A very good example on how to turn limitations (b&w-only book) into advantages (simple and yet interesting photo book). An idea to explore in the future!!!

publié à 13:02 juil 15 (UTC -8)

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