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Demon possessed Cocker Spaniels. Thousands or burnt and rotting hog carcasses. Piles of dead cats under an old bridge. Cowboys who eat little boys for breakfast. Rumors of satanic cults. Snarky nurses who tell nancyboy doctors to "Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it". A Chevy Luv with a hole in the floor. An old Power Wagon all hopped up on propane. A Honda 305 dream ride all the way to Mexico and back. And a half coyote farm dog with an appetite for Avon ladies.
These are the stories that I hear when I visit Aunt Susie's farm.
And this book is the pictures that I take in between hot games of Dominoes and big plates of home cookin.


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Ben Bird
Bird Beatrice, NE

Date de publication  15 avril 2007

Dimensions  Format paysage  60pgs Papier standard

Catégorie  Arts et photographie

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