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The 12th volume of GameSpite Journal turns its attention to Sega. Given the close ties between content on the company's various platforms, it only makes sense to break up Sega's history into big, interconnected chunks rather than individual platforms. Our first Sega-focused book spans the years 1973 through 1995, covering the company's arcade games, the SG-1000, the Master System, the Genesis, the Sega CD, and eventually the 32X. A full description of contents can be found at http://telebunny.net/toastyblog/sega-vol-1/


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gamespite San Francisco, CA
The site currently hosted at GameSpite.net has been online in various incarnations since 1996, although it's only in the past few years that it's become a home to smart, incisive critiques by a loosely-associated team of writers.

Date de publication  12 août 2012

Dimensions    120pgs Impression couleur (sur papier texturé blanc)

Catégorie  Loisirs

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