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This book is a collection of items gleaned during my trip to the outback. A catalogue of treasures found along the way.

I was not looking for the shiny and new. My mission was to find objects, both natural and man-made that had been left to brave the elements. This book exists as a study of miniature landscapes, an exploration of the form and detail of substances engulfed by their surroundings. Shooting in a studio setting allowed me to take time with each piece to look at the intricate features and delicate nature of every item despite the harsh environment it has been removed from.

By disconnecting them from their surroundings there is time to appreciate them as individual pieces of the land, with a stillness and serenity that is lost amongst the chaos of the landscape.


À propos de l'auteur

Sarah Hansen
sarah214 Sydney, NSW, Australia

Date de publication  07 juin 2012

Dimensions    90 pages   Impression couleur (sur papier texturé blanc)

Catégorie  Arts et photographie

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