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Mankind is clever but not wise. It is only a matter of time until he kills himself with his cleverness and lack of caution. Man has little concern for other species or the ecological health of the planet as a whole. He ignores natural limits, simply because they are inconvenient. He imagines his economic activity can grow without limit, he can burn oil without limit, he can pollute without limit, he can extract resources from the earth without limit.
Only a tiny fraction of the planet’s inhabitants see themselves as citizens of planet earth first, and of some particular country second. Only a tiny fraction of the planet’s inhabitants care about people outside their immediate families. Only a handful of the planet’s inhabitants think deeply about the effect they will have on generations to come. It seems unlikely these altruistic survival traits will spread in time. Hanging on tenaciously to the outmoded us-vs-them mentality and short-term greed will seal our doom. We deserve to die. It may be a Good Thing if man blows himself up before he uses his technology to destroy Mother Earth completely. So go out and buy your insecticides, fly sprays ect, you must stay sterile and get rid of all these terrible insects that invade your space.


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Birte Person
wreckedearth Australia
I have been photographing for many years mainly environmental and nature photography.My work has been and is published worldwide in photography magazines and other major publications.
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