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A 120 page, 10 x 8in. (25 x 20 cm) book containing 118 color photographs of Colorado throughout the seasons of the year. It will make a perfect gift for anyone who has never visited Colorado or for anyone who badly wants to return. 2nd Edition published in 2012.


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Joe & Jan McDaniel - BookCrafters
Maxfocus Parker, Colorado, USA
Want to make a book and publish it on your own? Or maybe an E-book? Our husband and wife team has helped many first-timers self publish books. We are experienced common sense professionals, creative and comfortable with computers, pixels, and Blurb BookSmart software! We specialize in MEMOIRS, photo-journals and other family & personal books. To review some of our recently published books from our store go to: http://bookcrafters.net or browse through our Blurb Bookstore on this website. Ask us about E-Book conversions! We work together to design and publish many different types and styles of books, from personal memoirs, children's books, wedding albums, travel journals, blog books, and art portfolios. For many, the actual writing and compilation of a book is the easy part. Now you need to get it published. There are many options but most of all you have to overcome the "fear factor." BookCrafters can help. Email us at bookcrafters@comcast.net.

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