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Life's Beauty is a feast of images from around the world which capture and celebrate the subtlety of this planet's beauty, which we take for granted.

50% of all profits from this book will be donated to good causes.


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Kehinde Sonola
lightbringer City or County, Country
Philosopher, writer, documenter, filmmaker, explorer: Kehinde Sonola is someone who calls the whole world his home. Writing since the age of eight, pondering life's beauty since he could think, Kehinde is driven by a mantra of serenity and goodwill to all. He is a firm believer in the tenet that we are all one people, one world. He urges everyone to express themselves peacefully in their own way and hopes for a world where everyone can find their own voice. The author has just released the novella, "Corruption Isn't Sexy", "HaiKen", a book of Haiku, poetry and photography as well as "Time Is Not Linear", his seminal work of poetry. He is also working on numerous new projects, which he promises will blow people's minds. One People One World❤.
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