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Pollux’s Seven Stories collects a series of offbeat, illustrated short stories set in the oceanside town of San Tesifonte, California. In Merci Beaucoup Pour Le Sel, a petty, vindictive boss learns of forces more powerful than him in the form of an insulted zodiacal sign. In Dream Caused by a Plate of Prawns That Lucian's Mother Made Him Eat, a young man wakes up laughing and his mother makes him eat a dish of prawns. In The Shunpike, love causes distraction on the road. In Bless Us, Skiron, the northwest wind intervenes in a marriage. In The Nanulak of Lunchtime, imagination and inspiration awkwardly join forces with corporate goals. In Watteau, a dispute over a cheese tray escalates into a potentially dangerous confrontation. In Mortero Canyon tells the tale of a homework assignment that leads a family into the bowels of Mortero Canyon.


À propos de l'auteur

Paul Morris (Pollux)
Polylerus Los Angeles, CA

Pollux (né Paul Morris) was born in 1979 in the English town of Beverley, in what was the former East Riding of Yorkshire. He and his family moved to the United States a year later, and Pollux attended UCLA, studying medieval history and Latin and attended Brown University for grad school, studying medieval history. As a child, Pollux constantly drew and created his own comics, and while at grad school, he began drawing “Nigel and Beatrice” for The Brown Daily Herald. He has been creating comics ever since, creating the web comic Arnjuice (www.arnjuice.com) and he drew the daily comic “The Wavy Rule” for Emdashes.com. All of his graphic novels and novelettes are set in the fictional college town of San Tesifonte, California, which lies somewhere between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. It is the location for UCST and is home to various museums, parks, beaches, Redwoods Restaurant (home to the famous Sequoia Steak Sandwich) and its pier.

Date de publication  15 avril 2012

Dimensions    128pgs Impression noir et blanc (sur papier texturé crème)

Catégorie  Bandes dessinées

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