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Jeff Gladstone has been the witness to and lived through a life of pain, healing, sorrow, joy, loss, accomplishment, death, life, success, and failure.

In 2002, he became HIV positive and has since then battled to become and remain undetectable. He has used writing as a tool of expression, therapy, freedom and self-realization to face this life.

undetectable VISIONARY is a collection of stream of conscious writing that illustrates the author’s creative life that is both surviving and fighting.

From page to page the reader will encounter entries that are whimsical, full of love-ridden desire, thought-provoking, deeply spiritual and even down-right silly.

Come explore what lies inside. You may find a little of yourself within this creative corridor.


À propos de l'auteur

Jeff Gladstone
JeyHappyrock NYC, USA

Date de publication  14 mars 2012

Dimensions    158pgs Impression noir et blanc (sur papier texturé crème)

Catégorie  Poésie

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