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Photos of Photos is a visual collection of memories from the past 5 years of travels around the world that explores the relationship of cultures via their specific landscapes, architecture and people. Each photographic collage is created from over 2,500 individual photos that are reconfigured each time to create a specific memory, while concurrently linking the collection of memories. Other books in the series include, ASIA FALL 2007, ASIA SUMMER 2006 and AUSTRALIA SPRING 2007.


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J Doyle & SH Liong

Commentaires (4)


ferbar60 écrit

amazing, fantastic work.

publié à 13:03 juil 29 (UTC -8)


jimking76 écrit

doyle is a master of mosaic!

publié à 10:54 juil 28 (UTC -8)


solarcat1999 écrit

Not only is this time consuming, you need PATIENCE ... lots of it ... and space. I tried this once with thousands of pictures I took of the Grand Canyon. Every time I saw a nice stone formation or color variation (and there are countless) I took a picture. Drove my husband crazy. My idea was after seeing all the pictures, most of them somewhat identical, to assemble one large picture from all these small ones. I quickly ran out of patience and space and never finished the project. You deserve a lot of credit.
Therefore, I salute J. Doyle.
The meticulous assembly of photos to create small details of the original photo, in so many collages, is .... well, the thought alone gives me a headache.

publié à 10:18 juil 25 (UTC -8)


mrshattery écrit

well done! I've always been intruiged by these collage shots, but not intruiged enough to try it myself as it looks so incredibly time consuming.

publié à 14:46 juil 24 (UTC -8)

AUSTRALIA SPRING 2007 - Voyages livre photo
Publié 02 mars 2008
ASIA FALL 2007 - Voyages livre photo
Publié 02 mars 2008
ASIA SUMMER 2006 - Voyages livre photo
Publié 03 juillet 2006
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