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This book documents the methodology and findings from an Architecture Sans
Frontières (UK) action research workshop, Change by Design, undertaken in
Nairobi, Kenya, which explored the opportunities and limitations of community-led
participatory design which directly engages slum dwellers in planning slum upgrading

Through concurrent investigations at the ‘macro’ institutional scale, the ‘meso’
neighbourhood scale, and the ‘micro’ dwelling scale, the findings highlight that
undertaking participatory design at these three scales is a proactive way to facilitate
negotiations, highlight diversity and reach consensus.

Central to the innovative approach is a focus on the degree to which it can not only
build an improved physical environment but also recognise the social production
of space; empower slum dwellers to be active agents of change; and build socially,
economically, and environmentally sustainable communities.


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Date de publication  06 décembre 2011

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Catégorie  Architecture

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