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Mike Lynaugh has once again set out on a journey of almost 10,000 miles to record some of the biggest events in aviation this year. Mike has travelled up and down the East Coast recording air shows, both large and small, military homecomings, Space Shuttle launches, and F-15E Strike Eagles from 21,500 feet above North Carolina.

Each year Mike’s passion for aviation takes him on new adventures in an attempt to capture aviation from a unique perspective. With each photograph taken, Mike attempts to “photograph things the way people aren’t used to seeing them.” This is the inspiration behind every image contained within this book.

This book is intended to be an extension of Mike’s passion of flight. Please take a look back through the past year and relive the memories as seen through his eyes.


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Mike Lynaugh
mikelynaugh Akron, OH USA
From 2001 - 2005, Mike lived in Washington, D.C and photographed some of the most powerful people in the world as a photojournalist covering events at the White House, Pentagon on Capitol Hill. He has been a witness to history, and privileged to be able to record it through his lens. Mike currently lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife Kristie where he freelances for multiple news organizations. Mike is a credentialed photojournalist and an active member of the White House News Photographers Association.

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