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This is the first of a series of advanced watercolour tutorial books. Each has a step-by-step guide for the enthusiastic artist to study, and apply the newly gained knowledge into paintings of their own subject matter. The books are also useful for beginners as every step is laid out clearly, and explained in easy to understand UK Academic English.

The books are titled “Watercolours 1,” “Watercolours 2,” “Watercolours 3” etc. to make them easy to find on Blurb, and more titles in the series are in production.


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artlook Christchurch, New Zealand
Born 1940, in New Zealand Army 1960 -1964 serving in Malaya for two years. Founded the Ron Naylor Art School in 1964. Trained as an organist and compose for that instrument and symphonies for orchestra. Started breeding rhododendrons in 1985.

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