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Since 1997, my sister Angela has lived in Pavones, Costa Rica located on the Pacific Ocean. Angela and her husband Marshall own and manage what started as modest but comfortable cabinas and what has become a full-fledged resort. I visit my sister as often as possible and spend much of my time photographing while I am in town.

The photographs in this series reflect my interest in this rural surfing community. Pavones is renown amongst pro and amateur surfers for having the world's second longest wave. When the conditions are right, surfers can ride a wave for nearly a mile. Even with its attraction for surfers, Pavones remains a rural community, untouched by the typical chain hotels and restaurants you might expect to find in a tourist-driven Costa Rican town with views of the Pacific Ocean. There are many reasons for its protected state: its location near the southern tip of Costa Rica far from the capitol city of San Jose, the unpaved roads into and through Pavones, and its lack of connection (until recently) with the modern world. Until 2008, there were no phone lines or Internet in Pavones. Since this recent introduction of modern technology, the town has begun changing rapidly.

My intention is to create a portrait of Pavones by photographing the residents, the many scenic spaces, and the local businesses. Through my continued visits to the community, I am creating a travelogue of my experiences and a record of this rural surf town.


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Lily Mayfield
lilymayfield Chicago, IL, USA

Date de publication  22 septembre 2011

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