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A 6x9 (15x23 cm) black and white notebook with photographs by Zoltan Vancso, designed to fit in a purse, briefcase, or messenger bag. Lined pages for jotting down notes, to dos, names, numbers, or inspiration. (80 pages)


À propos de l'auteur

Zoltan Vancso
vancso Budapest, Hungary

Regarding his professional career, two personalities of a photographer have come to life in him. One tries to reflect reality as clearly and comprehensibly as possible. The other one, in contrast, acts in the opposite way; it takes pleasure in discovering the improbability of reality, and funny enough, it conveys this experience with an objective tool – with photography. His works of art are related to the classic trends of photography. His photos encourage reflection, and they raise innocent and meaningless situations of reality to the heights of extraordinary and mystic dimensions.

He has held nearly 40 exhibitions in Budapest, he regularly publishes albums, and his professional and lay audience is constantly expanding. His photo movie Oceans of Sigh – Cuba was shown in Budapest cinemas with great success as a short movie to accompany Wim Wenders‘ film. He has received several professional rewards. In 2004, he had an exhibition with William Klein in Budapest.

Date de publication  25 août 2011

Dimensions    80pgs Impression couleur (sur papier texturé blanc)

Catégorie  Arts et photographie

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