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Jonathan Marks
jonathanm San Rafael, California
As a skinny kid with short hair, long legs, and the inability to ever enter the 7-11 store near my home again after trying unsuccessfully to steal balloons at the age of 12, I discovered photography as a means of expressing myself during my awkward early teens. Since then I’ve filled out, my hair has grown, I still struggle with balloon animals, and my photographic style has developed to the point of becoming a visual storyteller/artist with my iPhone. My work is guided by a feeling the moment I capture the initial image, be it a person, a place, or a thing, and while always grounded in reality, my final creations are embellished by my vivid imagination and myriad iPhone Apps. Regardless of the subject matter I believe that every image has an emotion and a voice waiting to be heard, and I express this through my use of a multitude of apps, a quiet mind, and a contemplative spirit. I am also currently at work on mixed media pieces for a gallery exhibition using my iPhone images.

Date de publication  14 juillet 2011

Dimensions  Grand carré  82pgs Papier de qualité supérieure, fini satiné

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