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Kathmandu Airport. 08:54:58. Last day of a travel that will have taken 11 months. Keith Richards is on my knees, immortalized by Annie Leibovitz for the Louis Vuitton campaign.
"Some journeys cannot be put into words".

Questions are arising around me : What is it like? Which country did you like most? What is your best souvenir? We want to see pictures. Lots of questions to whitch I can't answer. First I need to recover. Such an experience can't be lived without interior effects.
You want to see pictures taken during my journey. Of course, I've got hundreds of them. But what could I show to avoid "clichés"?

Travelling means emotions, sensations, visions,...
With a little help from my photographs, I try to reflect and restitute the "spirit of the place" without cheating to myself.


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karl adam
karlitosway Belgium

Date de publication  12 juillet 2011

Dimensions  Grand format paysage  82pgs Papier de qualité supérieure, fini mat

Catégorie  Voyages

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