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Images from an ordinary person leading an ordinary life.

When I began using my iPhone to document people, places, and things I encountered during my days I didn't realize that shooting with the iPhone was becoming more and more common. I thought I was being unique and forward thinking. Then I realized that I was just an ordinary person leading an ordinary life, taking ordinary pictures, not unlike the millions of other ordinary people shooting images on their iPhones throughout their days.

And you know what? ... it's all OK. What a glorious time we live in that we can all unleash our creativity and share our perspective of our lives and surroundings with others.

And where I was always resistant in being labeled as ordinary... I'm totally cool with it now..


À propos de l'auteur

Adriana Durian
aadurian Victoria, BC, Canada
I shoot....

Date de publication  19 juin 2011

Dimensions  Petit carré  80pgs Papier de qualité supérieure, fini mat

Catégorie  Arts et photographie

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